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Search to find business and business numbers also business telephone numbers in the UK or any address to find a product or service you need in your local area. Enter the type of business you’re looking for (eg. Airport, Hotel, University, Train Station, Cinema, Restaurant), then enter the location and simply click to search.

Alternatively enter the name of the business you’re looking for, and the location and click to search. The Phone Directory will quickly deliver listings of businesses that can help you.

Residential numbers

You can Find at residential and residential numbers also telephone number or address of friends&family in the UK, simply enter their details and click to search. The Phone Directory will quickly deliver the contact information you need.

UK dial codes

Find out at to find a local guide and local guides with location of a UK dialling code using The Phone Book Directory. Enter the number and click to search – all UK places associated to the code will be listed.

International dial codes

Find a location abroad by searching by dialling code. Select the dialling code and click to search. The Phone Directory Book will list the name of the country you’re looking for. Go to to find international dialling code for a country abroad, simply select the name of the country and click to search.

Search results also include other useful information such as time zones, country information and internal area codes and country operator information.

To speak to an international operator to find a number, you can call 118 505.

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