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UpdatedOct 15

Commercial flights that fly into the heart of the city or major financial or economic centre this is a very successful, profitable and lucrative business.

The freight business for passenger and freight transportation services. A job with excellent promotion prospects with a country's army, navy and air force, you can move to a more important job or rank in an organization. Public organizations that deal with emergencies the police, fire department, ambulance and coastguard work as a helicopter pilot.

An aircraft with no wings that has large blades, which can fly straight up from the ground and at times can stay in one position in the air. An air ambulance a helicopter with special equipment on board, used for taking injured to a hospital, especially in cases where it makes sense to use a helicopter for the journey. Medevac use helicopters to move soldiers to an army hospital. Pilots will make many emergency landings in a field. In this job, you are responsible for helping or taking care of people.

You must be mature and have a responsible attitude to your work, be trusted and relied on involving important duties.

Safety is one of the most important things in flying a helicopter an excellent safety record for the captain and his co-pilot. Staff training a training course gives candidates the skills that you need to do the job.

Changes in weather, including changes in temperature, wind patterns and rainfall. Fly only with airspace permission know the limits, restrictions, air lane routes, controls of the helicopter. Meet and fulfil, satisfy the requirements and entrance requirement for a course? Electrical, electronic equipment fitted on board that are needed for a particular purpose or activity. The flight instrument's panel used for measuring speed, distance, temperature, etc. Examine, inspect and go over it again in case of any problems.

Check to look closely to make sure that everything is correct, satisfactory in good condition, and acceptable. At times, you will have to cross-check to make sure information, figures, etc. are correct. Get clearance to land and take off from the air traffic control tower by radio. Pilots navigate by using maps to find their position and in which direction they need to go in. At times, you may have to communicate using sign language. You will need to talk, discuss, speak and communicate with your co-polit. The paperwork or the written work that is part of the job, such as filling in flight forms and writing out reports. In case of emergency a survival kit and equipment, including food, medical supplies.

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