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UpdatedNov 23

Firefighter has the job of putting out flames from fires using firefighting equipment to help with the heat and smoke produced when fires burn, flames that get out of control, which destroy warehouse buildings, trees, etc.

It can take many hours to stop it burning, put out the fire using fire vehicles.

Fires can break out catch fire, anywhere i.e., in the kitchen, bedroom, house a gas or electric fire equipment for heating a room, forest fire, wood or coal, fuel for cooking and heating a house. You will have the job of inspecting fire equipment, i.e., heavy fire doors, used to prevent fires from spreading through buildings. A fire prevention officer inspects fire alarms because they are a warning of a fire in buildings.

A Bonfire or campfire, which could lead to a forest fire or bush fire a firebreak is used that stops fire spreading with a special strip of land in a forest that has been cleared of trees.

Fire drills, fire practice is in place in order to escape to safety.

Fire escape which could be metal stairs or a ladder which leads to the outside of a building it can be used to escape a fire the first response will be a fire engine, green goddess, fire truck, which is a vehicle that carries special equipment like a fire hose used for directing water on to any fire.

Emergency services, i.e., the telephone number to dial is 999 in Britain, 112, used for calling the police, fire, ambulance services are on call 24-hours. Call out the local fire station, fire brigade, fire department, fireman or a woman are trained and employed to put out fires with fire equipment.

Rescue people from dangerous waste, chemicals are a danger, risk especially to health and safety potentially hazardous to your health.

What you need to know about Firefighter.

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