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Customs and Excise officer Current Vacancies

UpdatedNov 23

Part of your job is to monitor borders, seize and prevent banned goods entering the UK by air, sea or land all goods to be examined on arrival at any port land, sea, or air including baggage, postal, goods imported at airports.

Her majesty's customs and excise HMCE the government department responsible for collecting taxes, custom's duties on imports and excise duties charged on certain goods, petrol, beer, wine and tobacco products known as VAT, value-added tax some goods are zero-rated, there is no need to pay VAT. Monitor freight and transportation of goods by planes, ships, trains, i.e., freight train, wagon and even lorries and trucks. To make sure no goods can be secretly smuggled into or out of the country, etc.

To fight crime, prevent, stop, deter, reduce, tackle, and crack down on crime.

Investigating crime, write reports, be a witness, investigate, the alleged incident, collect, gather, forensic evidence, uncover new evidence, a scam, a plot, question, interrogate a suspect, witness, solve, crack a case. Ports and border crossing's documentation, papers, proof for import and export agreement. You will at times have to give evidence in a court, law court, court of law, courtroom, criminal court. At times, you will be asked to look back at old cases and re-examine all the evidence of the case.

The amount in tax collected may increase, raise, and reduce.

Companies have to pay customs tax, duty, tariff rates; money that you pay the government on all imports this is to protect industry from cheap foreign imports on to the market place. Customs excise officers are free to do things without needing help from others or a team. You may wear a special officer's dress uniform for formal occasions and ceremonies.

Special officers or employees who work flextime a particular number of hours per week or month chooses the start and finish time. Job-sharing, job-share is also common by arranging between two officers to share the workload and hours this is encouraged for part-time workers. You may be asked to work an office job, in a back office, head office, land office, again may share a government office, and run the office, an administrative job, staff assistant.

This job is very interesting and tests your ability, difficult, hard, demanding, taxing, physically and challenging at the same time.

You will ask questions in a formal meeting, interrogation, consultation, in-depth interview, to carry out, conduct an interview. If you have passed an exam or a course of study, successfully completed an intelligence test and have qualifications or experience for this job or can show or demonstrate leadership or the ability to learn and think in a logical way you will do well in this field.

The role of a dog handler and officer who works with a trained dog at ports, and border control posts. A student, graduate student, course, grad, studying at college or university, etc. As an officer and a civil servant, who works for or in the civil, service has a long career and good working pension scheme.

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