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UpdatedNov 23

Driving for someone who is very rich or important as a job. The people that you will work for need to be chauffeured to all his or her meetings, from and to the airport, etc.

Using a chauffeured limousine if they are young, i.e. school age you will spend a lot of your time chauffeuring them to all their various activates day or night you may have to work weekends. In a long black or white chauffeur-driven limousine, stretch limo with extra seats for large parties, a committee, or staff meeting.

Working for a company or employer, or one of the large employers, in the area.

Working for a large car hire, limo company or organisation which has many offices in many countries is a possibility, i.e., weddings and special events. Keep the vehicle, limousine, car in good condition and level of standard, etc. by checking or repairing it regularly.

That pays well to good employers they may treat you with fringe benefits, extra things an employer gives you on top of your wages for the job, i.e., free health care and insurance. If your boss or professional client or organisation is in a meeting all morning, you can take his or her calls.

Your working day. Workday can last for many hours at a time with little breaks.

You will need to take care of all luggage, baggage, bags, cases, etc. hand luggage when they are traveling aboard to a foreign country. Help to check in, collect, get, catch your plane, and travel in business class. Make, have a brief stopover, layover in Dubai or Hong Kong.

If you like being your own boss working for yourself and making your individual decisions, you can be responsible for your workload each day you must always consider the best interests of all your clients, support, and provide adequate protection for them.

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