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UpdatedOct 15

A supervisory role, which will include meetings with staff about the work to be done, also you will be in daily contact with all flight dispatchers and to watch to make sure that the jobs are done correctly.

The baggage system and security system work together on all baggage coming in and going out of the airport terminals. It's a career that is a secure job and income and the future looks safe and sound.

Thousands of pieces of data are stored about all baggage and it's final destination for each bag. The immigration authorities work together at times with baggage handlers and their department within the airport.

The period of work load and time worked as a baggage handler work eight-hour shift, night shift work is also available at the airport. The work is always busy and not a lot of free time, there are times of the year are busier than others, and you will have a hectic schedule, and extra staff is needed at this time. Part-time workers also known as a part-timer are also in demand within the airport grounds.

Carry-on luggage or hand baggage are small bags that you carry on board an aircraft and keep with you at all times. Baggage allowance of 20 kilos, excess baggage or cases, etc. that weigh more than the amount that each passenger is allowed. A baggage handler is employed to load and unload all baggage that passengers take on a flight from an aircraft at airports. A baggage car is a vehicle used to transport baggage to and from the airplane at local or international airports.

Baggage handlers have to move a large quantity of suitcases in a short amount of time using trucks.

There is also a lot of air freight that has to be loaded on board each flight goods that are transported around the world. You will need to use specific equipment such as a forklift truck at times for moving and lifting heavy goods special knowledge is needed for this type of work.

Baggage reclaim is the area which you can get your suitcases, etc. The baggage carousel is a belt were you can collect your bags after you have flown. Conveyor belt transport suitcases from one terminal building to another in an airport i.e arrivals and daily departures.

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