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All information is processed by computer so you must be able to use computers well, i.e. highly computer-literate or to be an expert in a particular area of work.

By joining any training schemes for young people, you are making yourself more employable. If you have, the skills and qualifications that will make the airline want to employ you.

Most airlines have an office in a city from which passengers can catch trains or buses to the airport. Air terminal provides services for passengers travelling by plane such as check-in-desk, and check-in-counter. Airport buildings have a public airport lounge for waiting or relaxing before your flight. There are many final requests for passengers Check-in-time, to get to their gate and to get on their plane.

Arrivals and departures board, give instructions to passengers how to get to the departure lounge, or gate and at what time to be there. Some of the information you need to know is about plane, train, etc. leaving from what place at a particular time.

All enquiries to be addressed to the airline customer services department. Arrive at the airport check-in at least two hours before departure. All flights should be confirmed 48 hours before the departure date. Boarding card, boarding pass must be shown before you get on a plane.

In your job, you have to ensure that all passengers get to their flight on time. At all-time remind passengers never to leave baggage unattended within the airport grounds. Help passengers board, get on, check-in, collect, get their luggage. Help passengers catch the plane or connecting flight. You may have to help to book accommodation, a hotel room, a flight and tickets. To allocate, officially give out seat numbers for aisle or window positions on a plane.

Airline customer service agent is someone who helps and supports passengers, usually in their job.

Many airline customer service agents are employed to deal with any backlog of work. You may be asked to make a list of all the jobs to be done. Deal with a telephone enquiry, most are enquiries from passengers.

Airline has their own label for baggage tag or sticker gives information about it. To put on, stick on a label, tag, a sticker on to baggage. Attached to baggage in order to give information about were the baggage is coming from and going to which airport and plane details. E-ticket is a plane ticket that you buy on the Internet and receive by email, when doing this your details are stored on computer so you don't need a paper ticket at the airport by far the easiest and fastest way to travel by plane.

You and your colleagues will have to work on day, or night shift at the airport. Working in shifts, to an eight-hour shift until you come off duty. At some time, you may be asked to work two separate periods in a single day, with several hours between them. To work spilt shifts in a busy airport as part-time workers is part of the job. Several job openings are available in the sales department with a vacancy. To take, lead, escort, drive, show, walk, guide passengers to, out of, into the airport.

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