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UpdatedOct 15

Airports promote equal opportunity's for jobs, pay, etc. an equal opportunities employer, it's too good an opportunity to miss.

Opportunities are available, which will depend on your work experience and qualifications. The air traffic control service provides instructions by radio to pilots of an airplane, clearance is given about take off and landing, which runway to use in a very efficiently organised way, carefully planned.

The control tower within the airport from which all movements of airplanes are controlled by air traffic controllers. Air traffic control are responsible of an area of sky, airspace around that country where planes fly. If planes, etc. are in danger or difficulty, if they send out a distress signal it is the air traffic control tower which will get the message asking for help. They can also locate and find your exact position.

If you would like to apply for the position of air traffic control job, career, employment, opportunities.

A job and position of responsibility. This is a permanent appointment, requiring commitment and hard work. You will be asked to work on public and statutory holiday on which most businesses in the country are closed, i.e. Christmas Day and New Year's Day, etc.

Post a job, especially an important one for a large organisation. A position, doing work, a job, senior position within a large organisation, job applications, descriptions, advertisements. Vacancy, a job that is available for somebody there are several vacancies for air traffic controllers.

A highly skilled engineer having enough ability, knowledge and experience for the job.

Trainee being taught how to do this particular job a management trainee, where you can study for higher or specialist qualifications if you do well in, do well on your test, exams. Apply to university, get into, go to, and start university studies for your first degree.

Ground control takes over control when all planes have landed safely the plane is then taxied along the taxiway, runway to its park position.

What you need to know about Air Traffic controller.

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