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Week Ending 8 June

LA FITNESS' Manager Management Club Jobs La Fitness Club are on the look out for new staff, Fitness Managers, Fitness instructors, and Fitness group corrdinators. 2008-06-07

Holiday Centre Activities Ride leader 3 June 2008

holiday centre activities ride leader

Fitness instructorv 3 June 2008

fitness instructor

Holiday Centre worker 3 June 2008

holiday cenre worker

Horse Riding instructor 3 June 2008

horse riding instructor

Horse Riding Schools manager 3 June 2008

horse riding schools manager

Stable jockey 3 June 2008

stable jockey

Martial Arts instructor 3 June 2008

martial arts instructor

Outdoor Activities instructors 3 June 2008

outdoor activities instructors

Personal trainer 3 June 2008

personal trainer

Pilates teacher 3 June 2008

pilates teacher

Sailing instructor 3 June 2008

saling instructor

Sport Exercise scientist 3 June 2008

sport exercise scientist

Sports Development officer 3 June 2008

sports development officer

Stunt artist 3 June 2008

stunt artist Sport Leisure Vacancies Browse Sport Leisure Jobs - Job Search, Employment Jobs on (15 types of open posts). 2008-06-07 Sport Leisure Vacancies - Sport Leisure Recruitment Here you'll find a wide variety of Sport Leisure links to pages that will help you do your job research. 2008-06-07

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