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A dictionary of English language covering a variety of UK examinations, BEC, CAE, ICFE, IELTS, ILEC, KET, PET, gain a degree in the UK and general knowledge of the language and the people of England.

Describe something that will definitely happen

Feb 21 IELTS,

Worldwide available Australia, New Zealand; Canada, US; UK organisations; including universities, employers; government agencies and immigration.

IELTS Speaking test. In preparation think about what you will say, about all the points given below:

A 2014, Part 2 Speaking Examination paper Exam Questions:

How certain are you that your pass this exam.

What might change in your life if you have a particular result:

Why getting a degree these days doesn't guarantee you a job.

Explain and extend your answers with extra information which is relevant to the topic and questions above.

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English language as a native language, originally from England, spoken in plain English by many countries and used as a foreign language in interntional communication around the world.