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A dictionary of English language on video covering a variety of UK topics, BEC, CAE, ICFE, IELTS, ILEC, KET, PET, gain a degree in the UK and general knowledge of the language and the people of England.
Ielts essential exam facts.

Listen, read, and practise for IELTS success.

Improve your Ielts skills

Listening 30 minutes, Academic reading 60 minutes, Academic writing 60 minutes, Speaking 15 minutes.

such as

You are given a topic, you answer questions, presenting information and discussing, multiple-choice questions, completing notes, sentences.

To take one example,

You can benefit by effective listening and communication.

for instance,

You can see a good example of how english words are used.


British Education resources for foreign language students. Speaking activities, word stress, international english course, intellectual skills on Britain and United kingdom.

is a case in point,

English language as a native language, originally from England, spoken in plain English by many countries and used as a foreign language in interntional communication around the world.

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